• Tap to pay. A fast, safe and secure experience for your customers

    Deliver an effortless payment experience and encourage your customers to tap to pay with point of sale signage.

Contactless payments

Contactless payments allow your customers to simply tap to pay–with a contactless-enabled card, mobile phone or payment-enabled device.


Why go Contactless?

Consumers are shifting to contactless payments Contactless symbol. because they make transactions fast and secure. Here’s how contactless can benefit your business.

Illustration of a monitor showing a contactless logo and circle highlighting a 9 percent increase.

Contactless merchant materials

Merchants benefit from our brand presence at POS. See 2.4x image description.
Illustration of store and text saying 2.4 times more likely to think a merchant is reputable.
Merchants benefit from our brand presence at POS. See 1.5x image description.
Illustration of welcome sign and text saying 1.5 times more likely to enter an unfamiliar store.

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