Powering small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the digital-first world

How Visa's solutions can help businesses thrive and grow
Visa, alongside our partners, can help small and medium-sized businesses thrive and grow through our suite of digital solutions that enable them to effectively manage their operations, cash flow, and adapt to customer demands. These solutions are particularly valuable in the current digital-first world, where efficient financial and business management is crucial for success.

Digitization is shifting the SMB mindset...

Digital payments can bring growth

More than a third of SMBs surveyed (35%)¹ say accepting new forms of payment is an opportunity to reach new customers.

Going cashless

Within the next two years, 51%¹ of SMBs surveyed predict their business will shift to being cashless and 40%¹ of shoppers predict they will shift to being cashless.

In-person but touch free

The top contactless or digital payment options that surveyed SMBs planned to accept in 2023 are mobile payment apps (55%)¹, mobile wallets (50%)¹ and contactless cards (36%).¹

The world is their marketplace

79%¹ of business owners surveyed cite expanding into new geographies as a focus for growth.

Reporting, tracking and analytics are key

Tools that can offer automation, spend management, as well as insights on metrics such as cash flow, revenue, stock, and campaign performance appeal to 78%² of  business owners surveyed in the US.

Leveraging AI technology

84% of surveyed SMB leaders in the US believe that AI could help them re-focus their human skills and talents in more effective ways, helping them reimagine daily operations and potentially boosting efficiency.²

To learn more about Visa’s digital business solutions, please contact us or speak to your bank or financial institution